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Policies on Michigan’s exchange to cost less than elsewhere

AVERAGE COST OF PLANS ON MICHIGAN’S EXCHANGE TO COST LESS THAN ELSEWHERE By Robin Erb Detroit Free Press Click here for the original article The average costs of health care plans offered on the Michigan Health Insurance Marketplace will vary greatly depending on the purchaser’s age, where he or she lives, family size and tobacco use. However, a federal analysis […]

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You don’t necessarily need to go to the exchange to get your Healthcare

Obamacare exchanges aren’t the only game in town By Tami Luhby  @Luhby September 5, 2013: 9:39 AM ET Click here for the original article NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Americans who buy their own health insurance next year won’t have to get coverage through their state-based exchange. Many insurers will offer individual policies outside the Obamacare exchanges in 2014. […]

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Obamacare premiums cheaper than expected??

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The Biggest Study Yet of Obamacare Premiums Indicates Insurance Will Be Cheaper Than Expected Click here for the original article By Matthew Yglesias Updated Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013, at 10:07 AM Here’s some good news for Americans who are currently uninsured, who currently buy insurance on the individual marketplace, or who think it’s possible that at […]

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